If you have been injured by medical malpractice, you have allot of questions. First, although ethical rules and state law require health care providers to disclose errors, studies demonstrate doctors and nurses seldom tell patients when medical mistakes happen. Consequently, you probably still do not understand how and why an unexpected medical outcome occurred. Second, since secrecy surrounds the mistake, it is unlikely that you have received complete information about the impact an error is having on your health. Making matters worse, in the midst of all of these medical questions, you are suddenly facing issues you worked your whole life to avoid. Loss of income and mounting medical expenses are creating problems for you and your family. All of these questions and uncertainties are magnified because you are trying to tackle these problems with new physical limitations while receiving continuing care.

The Client Resources pages above will provide you with information about how medical malpractice cases are investigated and prosecuted and answer other questions you have. Use the other sections of this website to investigate my firm and the approach we take when clients entrust their malpractice cases to us. If you think we can help you, contact my office. We are experts at getting to the bottom of unexpected medical outcomes and helping clients find solutions to the kinds of problems you are facing.

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