About News18 - India's only publisher with presence in 14 Indian languages.

News18 - An undisputed leader in the Indian media space has been a trendsetter since its inception. Today, it is one of the largest media conglomerates and a multi-platform destination for breaking news, opinions, financial data and infotainment for the evolved digital news consumer. It caters to all sections of the society, especially the digital savvy consumer, the millennials and the generation Z users who access and consume content on the go.

Why advertise on News18

With its consistently relevant content, extensive reach and high viewership, News18 is the perfect medium for advertisers. This audience consists of Digital spenders and loyal news consumers on internet. With its coverage in 14 Indian languages, News18 gets you the unparalleled reach across the country. An extraordinary competent sales, marketing and creative team supported by an equally capable tech department offer highly innovative ideas to make every brand stand out. Be sure, your brand will reach its TG only on News18.

Who should advertise?

With its PAN India presence, high quality content and viewership in billions, News18 is where the financially evolved working professionals spend their time. So brands looking to target discerning readers must advertise here.

Brands looking for wide spectrum reach, high engagement on campaign and top notch client servicing find News18 the perfect destination to advertise.

Key metrics

250Mn +
monthly unique visitors
1.2Bn +
monthly pageviews
12.3Mn +
daily active users

Topical Coverage

Unmatched in
Big Event Coverage
When it's about news, we cover it with a bang! Time and again our Election and Budget numbers have proven that India prefers to be with News18 as their credible news destination.
The largest presence in languages gives News18 that unique edge over other sites on regional festivities. Live coverage, Editorial coverage and Engagement add more fervour to these festivals.
Flagship IPs
Network18’s Flagship IPs cut across various categories and offer utility and entertainment to the users. We offer customisable solutions for IPs.