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'Mad Issues': Why This Bangladeshi-Pakistani Couple Named Their Kid 'India'

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Last Updated: January 30, 2023, 13:13 IST


Bangladeshi-Pakistani couple named their kid 'India'. (Credits: Facebook/Omar Esa)

Bangladeshi-Pakistani couple named their kid 'India'. (Credits: Facebook/Omar Esa)

This Bangladeshi-Pakistani couple named their kid 'India' and the reason will leave you in splits.

A Bangladeshi-origin and Pakistani-origin couple have named their kid India and their rationale behind the decision is leaving the Internet in splits. Omar Esa, a popular nasheed singer, took to Facebook to share a hilarious photo of him and his wife with their kid lying between them. Yep, just like the three neighbouring countries lie next to each other on the map. Originally called Ibrahim, the kid has been given a ‘new name’ by his parents: India.

“A WARNING to all new parents and condolences to all the parents who did what we did, so me and my begum made the silly mistake to let our firstborn Ibrahim sleep in our bed from when he was a little baby, you know new parents and that, we were so protective over him," Esa wrote on Facebook.

“Well now this little guy is used to this sleeping arrangement and always ends up in the middle of us when we are sleeping even though he has his own bedroom. So as I’m Pakistani origin and my wife is Bangladeshi origin, we have given Ibrahim a new name, we call him India now as he’s right in the middle of his Pakistani and Bangladeshi parents, India causing mad issues in my life," he added.


“Photographer may be America," quipped one Facebook user. “This is crazy because my sister took this photo and she lives in America and is an American citizen ," Esa replied. In the comments, while many shared stories of their own problems with their kids taking up their beds, matters also got a bit heated with citizens from the three neighbours exchanging barbs. Well, here’s hoping the entire thing was a joke. For Ibrahim’s sake more than anyone else’s.

‘India’ is not all that weird of a name for a kid if you consider some of the other names we’ve heard in the past. For instance, a restaurant owner jokingly told everyone that her granddaughter was named ‘Pakora’ after the most popular dish at the restaurant. After her post started going viral, Hilary Braniff said that she made the whole thing up to bring some cheer in the industry amid rising costs and increasing energy bills, reported BelfastLive. The real baby, actually born on August 24 last year, is Braniff’s first granddaughter. She is, thankfully, named Grace.

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