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‘Notice the Average Child’: This Twitter Thread is About Kids Who 'Fall Behind' in the Rat Race

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Last Updated: January 30, 2023, 14:03 IST

Delhi, India

Representative Image (Photo Credits: Shutterstock)

Representative Image (Photo Credits: Shutterstock)

A Twitter user rightly described what it is to be a 'mother of an average child'. She pointed out how her child goes ‘unnoticed' for neither 'being at the top nor at the bottom'.

It is easy for society to be commenting on children who are average at everything, be it studies or sports. But ask their parents how degrading they are made to feel for their kid just because he/she doesn’t fit society’s measure of ‘intelligence’. People do talk about the rising cases of depression but fail to retrospect their actions that might compel an innocent child to suffer from such a grieving condition. It’s time that parents understand that it’s okay for a child to be mediocre and not compare them with the toppers. It’s time that ‘we’ not just blabber but believe that ‘not all fingers are the same’.

Twitter user, Prof Sumathi, rightly described what it is to be a ‘mother of an average child’. She pointed out every detail of how her child is viewed in society but goes ‘unnoticed’ for neither ‘being at the top nor at the bottom’. She said, “People fail to notice his sweet smile ,funny talks, tight hugs, friendly personality, kind behaviour, mild manners, helpful nature because he is JUST an average child.”


She further remarked how her child looks forward to enjoying sports and music even after knowing that he can never compete in those. How his trailing in exams has often made her lose her cool only to understand that it’s more important to be respectful, regardless of age and intelligence! “Am I a mother who is not strict with him for not scoring at the top. Yes, I am strict to an extent and have lost my cool many times in the past. His words pierced through me when my 11 year old asked, “mom, do you not respect me"?” she revealed.

Further talking about her child dreaming to travel the world, try different cuisines, meeting new people; Prof Sumathi mentioned how she is sure that her child will grow up to be a better person who would spread cheer and joy to everyone just like he does now. Lastly, she put out a message that read, " Notice the average child. All that child wants is a smile or a kind word from us adults for just being himself to give him assurance to trust the world. Each child is different, so is each parenting Style.”

The Twitter thread grabbed the attention of many who praised the woman for her powerful stance and inspiring words that must be thought of in this competitive world. She optimistically put out a message for every parent and every kid who ‘falls behind’ in the rat race that dominates the materialistic world today. “What a wonderful thread! Incredibly honest and easy to embrace,” read an appreciating comment on the micro-blogging site.

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first published:January 30, 2023, 14:03 IST
last updated:January 30, 2023, 14:03 IST
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