Microsoft OneNote
Attachments Used For
Malware Distribution:


Hackers are using
Microsoft OneNote
attachments in phishing
emails to spread malware.

The malware being spread is a remote
access malware and can be used to
install additional malware, steal
passwords & even cryptocurrency.

In the past, attackers
have distributed malware
via malicious Word and
Excel attachments.

+ + +


In July 2020, Microsoft
disabled macros by default in
Office documents, making this
method less effective for
malware distribution.

Threat actors then began
using new file formats such
as ISO images and
password-protected ZIP files.

7-Zip and Windows fixed
bugs that blocked users from
opening files in downloaded
ISO and ZIP files without
security warnings.

Microsoft OneNote is a free
digital notebook app that
comes with MS Office 2019
and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft has also banned
cryptocurrency mining from
its online services to protect
its cloud customers.

The company said that
cryptocurrency mining can
disrupt or even impair
online services.

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