Can You identify These Bollywood Actors?

This cute little boy still believes in ‘Soft Drink Nahin Toofan’. This Pathaan, from a middle-class family, is now King of Bollywood.

His movies makes over 100 crores whenever he goes shirtless. His Dabangg attitude can be reflected in his childhood pictures.

Born in Hong Kong, this ‘Chikni Chameli’ is known as one of the highest-paid actresses in India.

Miss World 2000, the cute little water baby is married to an American singer.

Son of legendary actors, this actor is popularly called Baba.

Born into a family of filmmakers, this cutie is the one and only ‘Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood’.

The royal prince of Bollywood, this child is son of a cricketer and an actress.

Daughter of legendary badminton player, this girl look so adorable.

Definitely a Karate Kid, this 'Badlapur' girl was all over OTT. She is married to London-based musician.

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