Ways To Deal With Negative Thoughts

Recognize thought distortions. If you can recognize them, you can learn to challenge them.

Whenever you have a distorted thought, stop and evaluate whether it is accurate.

Take a break from negative thoughts. Allow yourself a certain amount of time with the thought.

Then take a break from focusing on it and move on with your day.

Release judgment. When you are able to let go of judgment (not easy, but possible), you will likely feel more at ease.

Even when you are experiencing a challenging time in your life, you can usually find things (even small things) to be grateful for.

Focus on your strengths. It's human nature to dwell on the negative and overlook the positive.

But take a moment to stop and think about something you like about yourself.

Seek out professional support if you are unable to manage your thoughts or find they are interfering with your ability to meet your daily responsibilities or enjoy life.

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