Tips For Healthy
Winter Skin

Moisturize immediately after
washing: People often tend to
remove the skin of its natural
oils when they wash their
faces, thus it is crucial to
moisturise thereafter.

Replace these oils
frequently because they
aid in retaining moisture.

Use sunscreen every day: Moisture
barrier of the skin, which is essential
for preserving skin health and
hydration, can still be stressed even
in the winter by harmful UV rays.

Using overnight
treatments is a great
approach to revive or
avoid dry skin.

Alter your skincare regimen: It's
critical to remember that
healthy skin's moisture barrier
is necessary for serums, toners,
and other forms of cosmetic
treatments to work effectively.

Use a humidifier: In the
winter, when interior heating
is turned up, humidifiers help
to restore moisture to the air,
which can be very beneficial.

Use exfoliants and scrubs
sparingly: Exfoliation, which
helps remove dead skin cells
from the skin's surface, can
help maintain the appearance
of smooth, vibrant skin.

Hydrate from the inside:
Staying well-hydrated
throughout the day is another
essential step to maintaining
healthy, radiant skin.

Put on gloves: Gloves are the
best physical defence from
the elements, which can dry
out your hands' skin.

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