TV Divas With Sleek Abs

Palak Tiwari's intense
workout has helped her
build those abs. Fancy diets
are a strict no-no for her.

+ + +

Nia Sharma takes her
fitness very seriously and
she has not had a cheat
meal in years.

Mouni Roy loves to hit the
gym, swim, and dance, and
stay a vegan, to maintain her
toned abs like an Olympian.

Nikki Tamboli has one of
the best physiques in the
industry. Her hourglass
frame is enviable.

+ + +

Erica Fernandes is a firm
advocate of yoga, she had
weight issues but her
desirable body has no
trace of that.

Hina Khan's chiseled abs are
perfect inspiration, for those
who are a fitness freak. From
TRX to aerial yoga, Hina
Khan does it all.

+ + +

From adventure sports to
fire dance, Sriti Jha is a
passionate lover of physical
activity and sports.

Mouni Roy flaunts her
svelte figure with her
unmatched physical
prowess in the floral bikini.

Nia Sharma can maintain
such a toned body through
her utmost dedication to a
fit diet routine.

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