Police Raids Gym

Apple Watch False Emergency Call:

A Muay Thai trainer in Australia accidentally activated Siri on his Apple Watch Series 7 while training a client.

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Siri heard the trainer shouting the combinations ""1-1-2"" and ""good shot"" and mistakenly interpreted it as a call for help.

In Australia, 112 is the emergency number, similar to 911 in the US.

Emergency services were dispatched and 15 police officers arrived at the gym expecting an emergency.

The trainer, Jamie Alleyne, was confused by the situation and had to explain that it was an accident.

He realized that the pressure of the button against his wrist must have activated Siri, making the emergency call.

The trainer had took off the watch due to the training and Siri kept popping up.

The trainer and the police officers realized that this was the possible cause of the emergency call.

The trainer found out that there was a call to 112 and a voicemail from an ambulance.

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