Google Pixels In India
Getting 5G Support
Via Beta Update

Google Pixel 6a, 7 and 7 Pro
users getting 5G support
in India via beta update.

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Those who have enrolled
for Android beta program
can install the version.

Pixel phone users in India
need Android 13 QPR2
Beta 2 to access 5G services.

Google has yet to offer 5G
support on the Pixel phones
in India even three months
after network has launched.

Apple, Samsung and
Xiaomi have already
made their 5G phones
compatible with
networks in India.

Beta Android 13 update on
Pixel phone bringing 5G
support means the official
rollout is imminent.

This will allow Pixel
users to experience
faster data speeds and
improved connectivity.

Google confirmed 5G support
in India for Pixel phones is
coming in Q1, 2023.

Google launched the Pixel
6a and the Pixel 7 series
in India last year.

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