Google Stadia To
Shut On January 18:


Backup Progress Now

In September 2022, Google
announced that it is
shutting down its online
cloud gaming streaming
platform, Stadia.

The service will be
coming to a halt on
January 18, 2023.

Users must follow instructions
provided by the publishers of
popular titles to transfer and
backup their progress before
the service shuts down.

Cyberpunk 2077 players can
download and transfer their
save data from the game to
PC using Google Takeout.

Gamers who own Ubisoft titles on
Stadia can now claim PC copies
of those games by linking their
Ubisoft and Stadia accounts.

There are a few exceptions
to this rule (five titles in
total, three of which are
from the Just Dance series)

Users must act fast, as
the claim period ends
on January 18.

Google has
already started
processing refunds
since November 2022.

The refunds include all
hardware purchases as well.
And google expects most of
the refunds to be handled by
January 18, 2023.

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