'Shark Tank India'

manages to grab everyone's attention when sharks get into a massive fight with each other over a deal.

But the viewers were shocked when a clash between sharks Namita Thapar and Anupam Mittal turned ugly and the former decided to walk out of
'Shark Tank 2'.

A pitcher from Nestroots impressed all, with Vineeta Singh (along with with Anupam) offering Rs 65 lakh for 4% equity.

Next shot in the promo featured a visibly infuriated Aman who said, "Kabhi toh kisi aur ko leliya karo yaar."

Unfazed by Aman's dig, Anupam replied,
“Tum value nahi add karte ho yaar, sirf herogiri
karte ho."

Aman, who calls himself a hero and Anupam a villain, soon offers Rs 65 for 5 percent and lets Vineeta decide whom she wants to collaborate with.

Anupam, irked by Peyush's offer, blames him for making the deal messy. Namita disagrees with Anupam.
To this Anupam says, “It doesn't matter what you think yaar.”

The spat soon turned into a fight with Namita walking out of the show as she said,
"Not okay, you need to keep your ego in check."

The promo ends with Anupam's intense look.

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