Hrithik Roshan's
Popular Style Moments

Hrithik Roshan looks dapper in a
crisp tailor blazer which is topped
over a white formal shirt, black
vest and matching trousers.

The actor rocks a plain
grey shirt which is
topped with a blue
blazer and white pants.

This look of the Super 30
star will 'blue' your mind.

Hrithik never fails to

Two-piece sweats are an
apt pick when it comes
to travelling.

Turtle neck is a fashion trend that
is here to stay and the actor has
perfectly blended it with a stylish
jacket and cargo pants.

He looks dashing in a trendy
T-shirt which is paired with
a plain black jacket and
comfy cargo pants.

Hrithik Roshan shows us how
to nail hoodies and
denim with simplicity.

The actor amps it up by adding
a formal approach to his style.

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