Jin’s Popular Fashion Moments

The oldest member of the group sure knows how to look dapper in a formal black suit. 

Oversized shirts hold one of the top places in Jin’s wardrobes.

Jin wore a mix-match patterned shirt accentuated with flame detailing. The peppy silhouette was paired with white denim.

This is yet another appearance where Jin rocked a checked oversized shirt. This time he ditched denim jeans to add a layer of comfy sweatpants to his off-duty look.

Jin opted for a dual-hued sweatshirt and matched it with comfy yellowish trousers. In addition to this, a string of statement-beaded neck pieces completed his look.

Jin's style game when it comes to layering is often simple yet classy.

Who says beige is dull? This neutral-hued tailored suit of Jin is sure to instantly brighten up your day.

Denim on denim can never go wrong and Jin's look of WWH is a testament to it.

In this photo, Jin looks dapper in a stylish monogram crazy workwear jacket which is paired with comfy denim jeans and spotless white sneakers.

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