Fortnite Could Return To iOS In 2023: 

Epic Games CEO

Epic Games CEO Tim
Sweeney has hinted at
a potential return of
Fortnite to iOS in 2023.

Fortnite was removed
from the App Store in
August 2020 for violating
platform guidelines.

Epic Games included a direct
payment option in the game
that bypassed Apple's in-app
purchasing system.

The move sparked a legal
battle between Epic
Games and Apple.

Apple ultimately banned
Fortnite from the App Store
and placed the blame on
Epic for violating its rules.

"Epic Games took the
unfortunate step of violating
the App Store guidelines",
Apple said in a statement.

"Epic enabled a feature in its
app which was not reviewed
or approved by Apple".

After its removal from the
App Store, Epic Games filed
a lawsuit against Apple.

Fortnite generated
approximately $9 billion
in revenue in the first two
years after its release.

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