3 Year Roadmap Leaked

Google Pixel’s

According to a report by Android Authority, the roadmap for the next three years of Google Pixel has been leaked.

The Pixel series will undergo minor alterations next year, including the introduction of two new phones, codenamed ‘lynx’ and ‘felix.’

Lynx’ is believed to be the Pixel 7a, while ‘Felix’ is supposed to be the Pixel Fold. The Pixel 7a is projected to cost $449 at launch.

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Previous rumours have suggested that the 7a will offer wireless charging and a refresh rate of 90Hz, but these features have yet to be confirmed.

Google will also unveil the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in late 2023.

 In the fall of 2024, Google will likely launch the Pixel 9 series, which will include three devices for the first time.

Google is considering changing its plan and releasing A series smartphones every two years instead of yearly.

Google is planning to release a new foldable phone in 2024, and is considering several options for its Pixel lineup in 2025 and beyond.

Google's Pixel phones have had a successful run in recent years, with the launch of the Pixel 6 and the refined follow-up, the Pixel 7 series.

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