9 Effective Ways To Control Stress Quickly

Doing pranayama or slow, deep breathing exercises can play a crucial role in lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or can’t concentrate, make sure you opt for a quick stroll in the park.

At times, a quick hand massage is best to experience instant relaxation and calm a pounding heart.

Standing up for a quick stretch is best to relieve muscle tension and help you feel relaxed during a stressful workday.

Use a golf ball to rub your feet and this will give you instant & relaxing foot massage.

Take a break from a busy office life by closing your eyes. It’s will help you regain calm and stay focused.

At times, singing the lyrics of your favorite song can fix everything.

Bright light is considered to be an effective treatment for people who suffer from depression.

If you are too worried, you can calm yourself down by slowly counting to 10.

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