Myths About Yoga
That Shouldn’t Stop
You From Doing It

There are several people
teaching yoga across the
world without knowing
much about it.

We demystify some myths
about yoga that have been
masquerading as facts.

I’m Not Flexible - You don’t do
yoga because you’re flexible;
you do it to increase your
flexibility and mobility.

I Have Back Pain - Yoga
can be modified for almost
any medical condition.

The Spiritual Side Will Conflict With
My Religious Beliefs - Yoga does not
necessitate a set of religious beliefs
and can be practiced in a completely
secular way.

Yoga Is For Women - Yoga
helps everyone improve joint
mobility, range of motion, and
overall core stability.

Yoga Is Just Glorified
Stretching - Yoga does involve
a lot of stretching, but you’re
gaining more than just
flexibility and mobility.

I Don’t Have Lots Of Spare Time
For Yoga - There’s no minimum
or maximum amount of time
you need to do yoga.

Yoga Will Affect Other Types Of
Training- Yoga complements
nearly any other type of
physical activity.

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