India Will Have
80 Percent 5G
Smartphones In 2023

ICEA Says 75-80 per cent of the new smartphone launches will be
5G-enabled next year.

5G services were
launched in India in
October this year.

5G is now available in
select parts of the country
and expected to reach
more cities in 2023.

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5G phones are selling in the
Rs 15,000 price bracket over
the past 12 months.

Even before 5G launch, 80-100
million 5G-compatible phones
were already in the market.

Ericsson Mobility Report
says India will have around
53 per cent of 5G mobile
subscriptions by 2028.

5G plans are available free
of cost from telcos like
Airtel and Jio right now.

5G offers 10x faster
data speeds than 4G
on mobile devices.

Most recent phone are
launched in India support 5G
network services, except
Google's Pixel series.

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