Apple Accused Of
‘Racial Bias’ In A
New Lawsuit

Apple is facing a class action
lawsuit in the Southern
District of New York.

The lawsuit alleges racial bias in
the blood oximeter function on
Apple's smartwatches.

The plaintiff, Alex Morales,
claims that the watch did not
accurately measure blood
oxygen levels for individuals
with darker skin tones.

Morales stated that he expected
the product to not have biases
and defects with respect to
persons of darker skin tone.

The Blood Oxygen
feature was introduced
with the Apple Watch
Series 6 in 2020 and is
able to measure oxygen
levels on demand.

The lawsuit also alleges
that during the coronavirus
pandemic, researchers used
patients' records to confirm
racial bias in pulse oximetry.

There have reportedly
been reports for decades
that such devices were
significantly less accurate
in measuring blood oxygen
levels based on skin color.

Apple has not yet issued a
comment on the lawsuit.

Apple notes on its website that
the Blood Oxygen app is only
designed for general fitness
and wellness purposes.

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