LastPass Says Hackers Stole User Password Vault: What It Means



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LastPass says that hackers have stolen the password vault that contains the logins for its users.

While the passwords are encrypted, there are other details in this vault that are stored unencrypted.

Karim Toubba, CEO of LastPass shared the new update after multiple data breaches this year.

He said the hackers took a copy of the vault data that includes the passwords stored by its customers.

LastPass mentions the unecrypted data basically includes the web addresses of the accounts for the password.

LastPass says its customer passwords are mostly secure behind encryption technology.

But it warns that hackers could use brute force attacks to try and guess the key for the password vault. 

Doing so will allow the bad actors to access the passwords of your digital accounts.

The first LastPass breach was reported in March, and the second one was revealed in August this year.

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