India Sets Deadline For
USB C Charging On
Mobile Devices

India wants mobile
device manufacturers
to bring USB C charging
ports by March 2025.

The govt will exempt
devices like feature phones,
wearables and hearables
to avoid cost hike.

Apple is the only
manufacturer yet to offer
USB C charing on iPhones.

European Union (EU) is bringing
its own charging standard rule
with the deadline set for
December 2024.

Standard charging port will
help reduce e-waste globally
in the coming years.

As unified charging standard
means people can use the
same charger to charge all
their phones.

iPhone 16 series in 2024 likely
to feature USB C charging
port, to comply with new rules.

India adopting its charging
rule on EU's bill that was
passed in November 2022.

USB C charging tech offers
faster charging speed for
mobile devices as we have
already seen.

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