Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Secrets

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Actress Deepika Padukone recently shared with her fans  how she prepares her skin for a flawless 'no filter' selfie.

The star, who will soon be seen in 'Pathaan', shared the steps she keeps in mind to sport a no make-up look.

Much like Deepika, her fans too need to understand the significance of a skin care routine.

"Here's how I prepped my skin,” Deepika Padukone wrote sharing a step-by-step guide to her skincare in the caption. 

As Deepika said, she washes her face with cold water. Later, she ices her face.

The next step is all about keeping her skin dry.

Deepika also uses #AshwagandhaBounce Rejuvenating Moisturiser over
her face and neck after
activating it in the palm of her hands.

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The star follows it up
with #Patchouli Glow Sunscreen Drops.

Deepika’s skin care tips for a perfect ‘no filter’ selfie are clearly very easy.

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