Things To Know About

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is caused by underlying
inflammation, which can
affect your physical and
emotional health.

Although RA is primarily
characterized by pain and
inflammation in your joints, you
may develop different levels of
progression as you get older.

Many a times it is possible to
have both RA and lupus at the
same time, so be aware!

According to the Arthritis
Foundation, researchers
estimate that more than 20 to
30 per cent of people have
fibromyalgia and RA together.

Regular exercise helps
improve your overall health
and well-being, but it can be
difficult getting started when
you have RA-related pain.

Too much exercise — especially
during RA flare-ups meaning
that it may increase
inflammation and make your
symptoms worse. Regular rest
can also lessen fatigue.

With RA fatigue, you may feel
exhausted and weak during the
day, but may not necessarily
feel sleepy.

Stress can increase your risk
of developing an RA flare-up,
and it may also worsen other
conditions you have such as

RA’s inflammatory effects can
spread to internal organs, including
your heart and lungs. Periodic
evaluation of these organs must
be a part of your RA management.

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