Man Recovers Stolen Car with Help of Apple Find My Feature

A Texas resident, Dawayne Arrington's car was stolen in Leon Valley, San Antonio overnight.

He used Apple's Find My Feature to locate his stolen car and AirPods.

The stolen car and AirPods were found at a truck stop on Interstate 35.

Arrington called the police for assistance when he found a group of people in an SUV with his stolen AirPods.

The suspects fled on foot when confronted and four of them were caught by the police.

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 The fifth suspect fled in the SUV and reached speeds of around 100mph during a police chase.

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The police eventually ended the pursuit of the fifth suspect.

Arrington was able to recover his stolen AirPods and the police retrieved his car as a result of the arrests.

The men who stole Arrington's car were arrested thanks to the help of tracking the suspects through the stolen AirPods.

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