ChatGPT A ‘Code Red’

Google Declares

OpenAI's ChatGPT has caused
Google to declare a 'code red'
due to its potential to disrupt
the tech industry.

According to The New York
Times, ChatGPT has the
potential to disrupt search
engines and has forced Google
to come up with a rival.

It has only been three
weeks ever since ChatGPT
was made public.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has held
meetings to address the threat
posed by ChatGPT and has made
changes within the company.

Google already has a
chatbot, LaMDA but it met
with a controversy when a
Google engineer claimed it
was sentient, but this was
proven to be false.

Google's ordeal has deeper implications beyond improving chat bot technology, including the potential impact on search ad revenue.

If chatbots are able to
provide concise responses to
user queries, there may be
less incentive for users to
click on ad links.

Experts believe Google will take
a more ‘incremental’ approach
rather than a total ‘overhaul’ to
improve its chatbot technology.

Google is not the only tech
giant to face this issue. In
2015, Microsoft released Tay,
which was quickly removed
due to racist language.

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