Fitness Lessons
Every Fan Can Learn
From Mouni Roy

Working out regularly is a
commitment. Let Mouni Roy
inspire you to figure out a way
to make exercise a daily habit.

Take a look at Mouni and you’d
understand how flexibility training
can improve your performance in
physical activities & reduce your
risk of injuries.

Like Mouni, you should also
practice the splits as these are
great for your joint health,
flexibility, and balance.

Take cues from Mouni to nail the
standing split position. This yoga
pose stretches legs and hips
while challenging your balance.

According to studies, the
best time to drink green tea
is in the morning and before
the workout session.

+ +


Like Mouni, you too can eat
a bowl of muesli, fruits, oats,
etc., before going to the gym.

Once you finish the workout,
you could take protein shakes,
green beans, and salad, etc.

Like Mouni, you too can take light
and healthy breakfasts which
includes idli, upma, poha, etc.

In lunch, you could opt for
lentils, salad, green salad,
fruits, and vegetables.

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