iPhone 14 Crash Detection Feature Causes False Alarms

Apple's iPhone 14 and Apple Watch are sending false alarms due to the Crash Detection feature.

The feature is causing stress for emergency resources in the US.

The false alarms require ski patrollers to go to the location if the skier does not answer a call from dispatchers.

The Summit County 911 Center in the US has seen an increase in accidental emergency calls from skiers because of the feature.

The false alarms involve a significant amount of resources, including dispatchers and deputies.

Despite the false alarms, the Summit County 911 Center continues to handle all calls.

The interim director of the center, Trina Dummer, stated that they have not had an actual emergency event related to the false alarms.

The false alarms have been occurring on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and new Apple Watch models.

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Apple has not yet addressed the issue with the Crash Detection feature.

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