Have You Seen Deepika Padukone’s Viral Photos Yet?

Actor Deepika Padukone, who enjoys a massive fan base, has shared a series of
fan-made sketches on her
Instagram account. 

The star, who will soon be seen in ‘Cirkus’ & 'Pathaan' looks gorgeous as desi princess. 

In the next photo Deepika shared, she can be seen as a
sci-fi character. 

Isn’t this black and white photo really gorgeous? 

Deepika shared this photo on Instagram with a message that read, "Il have them all…Thanks! Which one’s your favourite?!

While the star has been lauded by many for her flawless looks in
AI-generated images, some
netizens have been busy
slamming her. 

A user suggested Deepika to
tag the artist who made
sketches as that would add
value to the artwork. 

Another user commented, "Commission real artist don't steal and promote ai".

Deepika’s recent AI-generated photos, created through an app called Lensa, permits people to see how they’d appear in a fantasy world. 

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