Amyra Dastur’s
Maldives Diary

Amyra Dastur recently
enjoyed a mesmerising
holiday in the tropical
island of Maldives.

Amyra Dastur poses before
her snorkelling session.

Amyra Dastur
is a sight to
behold in the
pink monokini.

Amyra Dastur flaunts her
curves in the black bikini
with mesh pants.

Amyra Dastur goes deep sea diving in a yellow swimsuit.

Amyra Dastur strikes
a pose amid some
rocks on the beach.

Amyra Dastur looks like
a mermaid underwater.

Amyra Dastur is joined
by a friend underwater.

Amyra Dastur and her friend
look gorgeous as they pose
on a swing.

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