9 Best Places To Explore In Coonoor 

Riding the toy train to and from Ooty must be at the top of the list, despite the fact that there are many things to do in Ooty and Coonoor.

Hidden Valley is a great location for a picnic with family and friends and a haven for adventure and photography aficionados.

Over 85 different types of roses may be found in Sim's Park botanical garden, along with a wide variety of other stunning trees and fragrant flowers.

Lamb's Rock is a most well-known attraction in this charming hill town is without a doubt Coonoor. It is among the most well-known activities in Coonoor.

Law's Falls is a great location for a picnic, a summer trek, and scenery photography and is only 5 kilometres from Coonoor.

Visiting tea plantations and participating in chocolate tastings may be the best things to do in Ooty and Coonoor.

Catherine Falls, one of Tamil Nadu's most beautiful waterfalls and one of Coonoor's most beautiful sights, need to be on everyone's list of places to visit.

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A visit to the local bakery is a must on any vacation to an Indian hill station. Visiting this bakery and enjoying the delectable assortment of sweets will be fun.

While sightseeing in Coonoor, don't miss to stop at Droog Fort, one of the most well-known Coonoor attractions.

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